Herten castle


The 30 hectare big castle park with its water castle is about a ten-minute walk away. This resort is located in the middle of an English park and was originally certified in 1376. This location of relaxation has more than 300 different kinds of trees, wonderful meadows of narcissus, magnolia blossoms, and chestnut avenues.



The Ewaldsee (lake)


The plenty of fishes and water birds are exciting to all friends of nature. Even endangered species like the kingfisher, tufted duck, and the great crested grebe are settled in this wonderful biotope. The Ewaldsee is a paradise to all fishers, joggers, and walkers.



Freizeitanlage Backumertal


Here you can relax after your job is done. On an area of 2000 sq meteres you will find an environment having different kinds of sauna types, e.g. soil- sauna, block saunas, a gallery-sauna, a 100 ° blockhouse-sauna, and a sound-sauna surrounding you with meditation music. A herb- sauna, a tropic-sauna, a light therapy-sauna, and a Roman-Irish steam-bath will bring absolute relaxation. There is wellness provided from head to toe as well as massages in selected baths. …. just  let your mind flow.



Relaxion area “Ried”


In the relaxation area Ried lies the asparagus village Scherlebeck having 30 hectares of asparagus cultivation. Beside of this wonderful environment there are also restaurants, butchers, and several opportunities to shop. Seasonal depending events also take place.



The “Ruhrfestspielhaus in Recklinghausen”


If you prefer cultural aspects, you will enjoy yourself. The Ruhrfestspielhaus of Recklinghausen is only a 7- minute-ride away. All year round it offers plays, musicals, concerts, operas, operettas, cabarets, and especially on the 1st of May the Culture- Fest.
Schedules and further information can be received on the homepages.



The “Halde Hoppenbruch”


The Halde Hoppenbruch and the still active Halde Hoheward are the two biggest slag-heap areas in the whole Ruhr-Area. These slag-heaps occurred while the embankment of the coal-mines Schlägel und Eisen, Ewald und General Blumenthal. They are a part of the Route Industrial Culture.
At clear days, the view from the Hoppenbruchhalde is really impressing. On top of the slag-heap there is Europe´s biggest sundial.
Thus Herten holds some records.
- biggest slag-heap in the Ruhr-Area
- Europe´s biggest sundial
- tallest water tower

Freizeit   leisure time

You like to chill after your work is done?
Herten offers some exciting things for your leisure time. Herten is a green city. More than half of it consists of green or free areas. Moreover, Herten is surrounded by 45 hectares of woods.

Monteruwohnung - Appartement in Herten


 limited rental of personal appartements in the ruhr-region of Germany

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